OUT NOW: Serato 1.9 with Pulselocker

serato 1.9 Pulselocker

The banner has been up all day, but here’s the official news that Serato DJ 1.9 is out, and with it comes Pulselocker integration. You can try it for free for a couple of weeks before deciding if you want to drop $10 or $20 a month for a subscription.

The words, most which you’ve seen before in one form or another:

Serato DJ 1.9 with Pulselocker support is now available.

DJs can now access unlimited music downloads and offline storage, as well as streaming in Serato DJ 1.9 with Pulselocker. This integration allows DJs with a Pulselocker Pro account to search, stream and store an unlimited number of tracks from the Pulselocker catalogue offline in Serato DJ.

Try Pulselocker FREE for two weeks easily by signing up to a trial inside Serato DJ, or on the Pulselocker website. A Pulselocker Pro subscription is USD19.99 and is available in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands.

For Serato DJ Intro users that have been thinking of upgrading – we’ve reset all previous trials, giving you another 14 days to try Serato DJ and Pulselocker at the same time to see if it’s right for you.

Pulselocker support is available in Serato DJ 1.9, available to download here – http://serato.com/dj/downloads

Pulselocker is unique as it’s not only a full streaming service but allows unlimited downloads and offline storage for DJs to hold Pulselocker music and play it back, without being connected to the internet. With a library of around 44 million tracks from nearly 500,000 labels as well as public performance rights, Pulselocker is a great option for DJs wanting flexibility in their music.

As well as Pulselocker support, Serato DJ 1.9 also includes a number of important stability updates and changes for all Serato DJs – including tempo matching display option, returning by popular demand. Read the full list of changes in the Serato DJ 1.9 release notes.

Serato CEO, AJ Bertenshaw says: “At Serato, we always try to carefully choose each feature to be aimed at the professional DJ. When it came to connecting to a music subscription service, we wanted to make sure our offering was the very best available. With unlimited offline storage, and a deep catalog of music pulled from an incredible range of independent and major labels, we believe Pulselocker is the ideal choice for the working DJ.”

For the full list of changes, check the release notes.

Finally, we’re in the home straight, with v2 on the horizon. I wonder what delights it will bring? Well I wouldn’t hold your breath because the original v1 was released back in 2012, so Serato is clearly in no rush to get v2 out, especially in the every changing landscape we find ourselves in. Normally my long distance vision is good, but I wouldn’t even like to guess at what will happen between now and BPM.

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