There has always been a reluctance from turntablists to try new technology. But not from UK legends The Scratch Perverts. They’ve never really given a crap about convention and doing the accepted thing, so were more than happy to embrace CDJs and push them in a way that others have stayed away from. And now Tony Vegas and Prime Cuts are in the Pioneer studio in London for the DJ Sounds Show and doing it again. If you wanted to see how the new PLX-1000 turntable held up under the abuse of a turntablist, Prime Cuts is an ideal DJ to do just that.

scratch perverts Pioneer plx-1000 turntable

Even if you have no interest in Pioneer’s new turntable, this session is a journey through the old school, and a wicked demonstration of tag team DJ skills. Tony Vegas is putting the CDJ-2000s to the test with just CDs, and Prime Cuts runs Traktor Scratch through the DJM-909, but part way through breaks out a 7″ vinyl set too. Awesome stuff.

And for those wanting to know, the muted bit removed for copyright reasons was Showbiz and AG’s “Next Level”.

So yes Dan Tait, I do most definitely approve.