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When reviewing headphones, it’s always an issue for me when a wallet-trembling pair of DJ cans arrives with nothing more than a flimsy fabric bag. If you’ve just paid hundreds (often several hundred) of your local currency for an amazing headphone experience, it’s a shame to have them ruined in double-quick time under the stresses of the DJ lifestyle. Enter Orbit Concepts, purveyors of premium level DJ luggage like the Jetpack range. They’ve decided to address this issue (or indeed create a market as it were), and at the same time turn a headphone case into luxury luggage too. And you can make it happen via their Deloop Kickstarter project.

Orbit Concepts Deloop Headphone case bag Kickstarter (3)

Essentially, the Deloop bag/case is a digital lifestyle bag and luxury hard case for headphones. Posh headphones do often come with hard cases, but generally won’t let you sotre much inside. Indeed, amazing cases like the exoskeleton ones that come with VMODAs are so tightly fitted to the headphones that little else can fit in the case. But the Deloop case offers you more space inside and allows you to use it as a bag in its own right. For the extremist digital DJ, the Deloop case could take just about everything they need, especially if their iPhone is in their pocket.

It would be remiss of me to leave out offerings from Magma, UDG, and Slappa of course, each with their own take on the hard case market. But the Deloop is a step beyond these in that there’s more storage inside, and you can really go balls-out on the luxury front too.

Orbit Concepts Deloop Headphone case bag Kickstarter (1)Orbit Concepts Deloop Headphone case bag Kickstarter (2)

Coming in Sport and Deluxe models, this are planned to retail at $89 and $189 respectively, and there are different Kickstarter levels for you to pledge to. The $99 Sport with 2600mah battery pack looks particularly wallet friendly. There’s 27 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, and I imagine that this one will hit their target pretty quickly. People love bags after all. Good luck guys.


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