EXCLUSIVE: JetPack Remix DJ bag [Video demo and interview]

A few weeks ago, Orbit Concepts teased us with the follow-up of the first JetPack DJ backpack – the  JetPack Remixed. For those who aren’t familiar, the first JetPack backpack was introduced over a year ago as an all-in-one backpack designed to endure the rigors of the road, while protecting all of your DJ equipment. Today, we’ve got an exclusive first look at the new  JetPack Remixed with the creators Daniel Vinh and Wil An and their ideas behind manufacturing high quality DJ backpacks.

First off, the bag seen in the video is a working prototype and lacks much of the branding. The finalized bag will be introduced in the near future, but we get a first look at all of the features.

First impressions – with the absence of a mixer section, the JetPack Remixed is a much more compact backpack. Retaining all of the essential compartments, the JetPack Remixed was clearly designed to maximize space. The exterior is made of your regular black nylon and appears rather minimal, however, allows for creativity with your personal branding through custom embroidery.

Orbit Concepts Jetpack Remix DJ Bag (15)

The main compartment was designed to fit what most DJ’s consider a standard set – cables, interfaces, hard drives, and a strategically positioned headphone pouch. I particularly liked this feature intended to keep your headphones away from the rest of the gear and prevent them from being crushed.

For the Digital Vinyl System DJ’s, say goodbye to carrying record sleeves. The JetPack Remixed has built-in record compartment, designed to hold four vinyl records and keeping them flat against your back to prevent any warping. Beneath this compartment has room for an optional battery pack with a slot to charge your mobile devices after a long nights work.

Overall, it is evident that Orbit Concepts has done their research and taken into consideration the DJ’s needs. Have a look at the video, it has some rather unique features and their attention to detail will be greatly appreciated.

As and when the bag is released, Orbit Concepts will run special promotions. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. And to get a feel for who Orbit Concepts are, watch this interview we did with Daniel Vinh and Wil An.


  • How is biking with this? I use the Chrome DJ Soma Bag great for riding but not too much room for vinyl.

    • wil

      well, the bag is extremely comfortable, and is made to feel light on the back with extra padded cushions. also, the strap is completely adjustable, and there is also a cross strap across the chest that is also adjustable in tightness and position. safe to say it will stay snug on your back, even on a bike.


    I like the back compartment with the records. Indeed very nice. Sound of the zippers is questionable. Are those YSS ones? I’m using the Headliner backpack right now but in general I prefer to use a trolley as the Audio8 soundcard with an old Macbook is just very heavy when you have to walk a few blocks. On the other hand I hate the tolley as you always get the stupid looks from everyone… 🙂

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  • lazyellow

    Not bad, like the storage options, would be nice to have perhaps waterproof covers for the zips or a rain cover incase you accidentally run into a downpour. the lining colour would probably be better in something darker? It’s quite light and looks like it would end up looking stained after light use…As much as I like the idea of having space for branding, having a bag that shouts ‘Hey guys I’m carrying over £2k of gear on my back” isn’t the best, perhaps an option for a more conspicuous version maybe just plain webbing details to the front and ontop of that maybe some pointless storage at the top just to give it more of a bag shape say it’s for extra wires or something as it’s quite boxy looking and obvious that you’re carrying something expensive. From my experiences with various bags I’ve found photographer bags/motorcyclist bags to be quite good. At the moment I use the Level 8 Atlas backpack which was pricey for a normal laptop bag but the storage and build is amazing. My only gripe has been it’s just a slight bit narrower than I’d like so to carry my timecode vinyl I’ve had to make a trapezoid sleeve out of 4 record stiffeners and two mailers to slide into the bag (it’s slightly narrower at the top) but it works a charm – on this note wouldn’t it be great if someone made a plastic clam case like for cds but in 12″ size!?

    • philliple

      I use the UDG Creator Serato record sleeve for my timecode vinyl, which holds up to 8 records, but its a little bulky. I actually found the light color interior lining to be pretty useful in nightclubs that don’t have the best lighting.

      • lazyellow

        I used to own one I found record mailers worked just as good and was alot less bulky!

    • wil

      the bag is made with a waterproof ballistic nylon. you don’t need an waterproof cover, it’s already made of waterproof material. the zippers are leak resistant, so any liquid coming through would be very small and would take quite some time to get in. wear it in the rain, and everything will stay dry. it’s the same material as the original jetpack, and as any owner will tell you, it will not stain.

      the branding doesn’t make it seem more expensive, it’s just a way to express yourself and put your own logo on it. it’s just another way to do you, it doesn’t necessarily shout anything about what the gear is inside. most importantly, customization is optional, so if you don’t want to get it dont, and it’ll be the inconspicuous bag that you want. still looks great without any logos.

      • lazyellow

        ah I see not bad might have to consider picking one up!

  • Nice bag but $190?? Way too overpriced…

    • wil

      189 is the price for the full featured jetpack…the remix will be at a lower price point.

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  • djblakjak

    I have had the original bag for about seven or 8 months… Overall I am very happy with the bag. Its multiple compartments allow me to carry different things like instead of a mixer I can carry my denon dns1200 or my akai mpd32. The bag is very very versatile. The only problem is that when you really try to use all the compartments, it gets real cramped. It also warped my control vinyl. The only bone i have to pick is that it bent my top pots on my vestax pmc 05 mixer.The mixer section is a flawed. also the straps are starting to unravel. I use my bag every single day. The versatility is uncomparable But it can use some improvements. But this new bag seems nice tho. The only thing is that record compartment if it can hold a laptop stand.

  • lauti

    looks nice, but records look as if they might bend

    • wil

      great observation, you probably noticed the vinyl is on the side that bends down. but that HAS been fixed. as the article points out, we used a prototype for this video. not only were lacking some of the branding, but the vinyl holder was put on the wrong side of that compartment, it was meant to stay on the side that stays flat. that has been fixed, if you check out picture 12 in the gallery you can catch a glimpse of the vinyl on the correct side. your vinyl should stay straight!

      • wil

        to clarify, the pictures in the gallery are of the final remix. we only had a prototype at the time we shot the video.

        • lauti


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  • djdannyjames

    How much will the bag be roughly?

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