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One DJ Start: more affordable, still feature packed

One DJ start

DJ software The One has had a rocky history. After far too long in development, it entered a competitive marketplace, missing a Mac version and with some useability issues too. We’ve covered it many times before, not just because it’s newsworthy, but because it’s a fascinating concept that tries to do things differently from the other DJ apps. It feels a bit like rooting for the underdog.

On paper, it’s still a really interesting idea, merging the best from Ableton Live, Traktor (or [insert favourite DJ software]), Reason and with VST plugin support to boot. It’s not the only software to offer a large number of decks, but the fusion of DAW and decks certainly buys into Native Instruments’ #thefutureofdjing, cliché notwithstanding.

Not Just A(nother) DJ Software from One DJ from Audio Artery on Vimeo.

Now, there’s a new option for buying the software: One DJ Start, cheaper than the full package, but more feature rich than the free version. So what’s the difference? As the name suggests, this is a version for DJs that aren’t power users. Those that need most of what makes The One… well, the one: audio routing, timelines, etc., but only use it live, can make the most of Starter, since it doesn’t have VST support, layout or timeline audio saving. And at €29.90, it’s a good deal cheaper than the full version at €69.90.

Introducing One DJ Start

Audio Artery is glad to announce One DJ Start. Start edition is the affordable little brother of One DJ loaded with professional features. With full midi mapping capabilities and Timeline Live Mode One DJ Start will offer more functionality than average professional DJ software. One DJ Start is available now at for 29.90 Eur (approx. 25 US dollars excluding taxes).

Full of features

Timeline Live Mode allows live mixing using the unique Timeline of OneDJ. Prepare and pre-mix a set for the next 30 minutes create a unique mashup, It is up to you. The Timeline in One DJ start gives you the tools. Saving or exporting the timeline is not available in Start edition, so this is strictly for the moment.

In addition OneDJ Start has everything you would expect to find in a pro DJ software including:

  • 2 and 4 deck internal & external layouts for traditional DJing.
  • Midi controller support and modular midi mapper.
  • Built in FX.
  • Sync, BPM Detection & Grid Editing.
  • Loops, autoloops & Timeline loops
  • Hotcues and Timeline Hotcues
  • Live recording
  • Etc..

Check the full feature comparison between editions here:

My thoughts

Releasing a ‘starter’ version of their software is an interesting move from Audio Artery, as there really isn’t a huge amount missing that you’d need as a live DJ. With Timeline audio saving removed, One DJ Start is aimed squarely at the club/venue performer, rather than podcast/radio producer. Worse comes to worse, you can always record through another piece of software. The only thing likely to be missed is the ability to save new layouts. I would imagine the majority of DJs wouldn’t be too worried about the lack of VST support. It’s a ‘nice to have’, but for most, built-in effects are enough.

Last time I tried out The One, my interest was very much piqued, but I ran into problems on my old Core2duo MacBook Pro. This time, I gave it a go on my new laptop and it seems to run better, though I’m a bit disappointed there isn’t a built-in mapping for it, and there’s no really community for user mappings. I guess that’s something I really think they’re missing: somewhere for users to go and share/chat/argue about Audio Artery’s software.

As an aside, Googling for anything to do with One DJ is a nightmare, due to how generic the name is. This just highlights how important the right branding is.

You can get One DJ Start, priced €29.90, out now. Or try the free/trial version.

Have you got any experience with One DJ? Would you miss any of the features in the Starter edition?

One DJ Start: more affordable, still feature packed

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