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While you’re all here for the very best DJ gear news review, reviews, and opinion, I’m sure that you’ve all got other things that you like to do when your fingers aren’t bloody from hitting refresh all the time. And one of those things is very likely to be playing games. I’m perfectly happy playing the odd round of Countdown on my iPad, but many of you will considerably more immersed than myself in such things. Our Dan Morse certainly is, and is putting his considerable experience and skills together into a new project of his very own — say hello to PRESS TO JUMP Magazine.

Press To Jump Magazine aims to deliver content from the edges of gaming. You’re certainly not going to see reviews of big games, because you can get that in hundreds of other outlets. Instead, Dan will be digging into the culture and business of gaming, and connecting the makers with the consumers of games so that they can better understand each other. It’ll be the interesting behind the scenes stuff that shows you how games get made, as well as the people that make them.

There will also be a definite indie theme to Press To Jump, where the spotlight will be focussed upon the startups and small companies looking to get their work showcased. There’s a lot of really good work being done by people with few resources, so P2J aims to give them the exposure they need.


So if you’re a hardcore console or PC rig gamer, or like me play the odd game on your phone, please stop by Press To Jump. And equally show Dan some support by liking on Facebook and following on Twitter. And the occasional click in an ad would give Dan some revenue to build Press To Jump into an long term thing.

Dan will still be around posting great news stories of course. But have my fingers crossed that it’ll be so successful that he can devote all his time to it. Good luck Dan. I hope you enjoy the same ride that I’ve enjoyed for the last 13 years!

A word from Dan

Video games have been as much a part of my life as DJing and music. Like clubs, they are an escape from the real world, even if it’s just temporary. Sound and music are as important to games as visuals, they just don’t get noticed as often. Go and play something like Grand Theft Auto V: just walk around for 20 minutes… the music, sound effects; all the little details help build the world. The audio is under-appreciated, much like what a DJ does quite often is.

I’ve written about games-related news a couple of times before on DJWORX, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. There’s a lot of crossover, demographically, between gamers and DJs, so I hope that some of you who already enjoy my work here will find Press to Jump engaging.

You can read a bit about what my hopes are for Press to Jump in my introduction post, but there’s already some content previously added you can check out. My writing at DJWORX and working for Mark has unashamedly been a big influence on my decision to launch this project. He’s also assured me he will contribute at some point soon, and his perspective as an old school gamer (like myself) should make for some interesting subjects to discuss. Like Mark mentioned, I’m still a part of the team here, and I can’t imagine myself not being here.