Numark NS6: First ITCH controller to get free Serato DJ upgrade

Numark NS6 ITCH free Serato DJ upgrade

While Serato have been busy pumping out a slew of paid upgrades from skinny Serato DJ Intro to full fat Serato DJ, the long awaited free upgrade from ITCH to DJ has kept its head down. But they said it would happen at some point, and happen it has, for Numark’s lovely NS6 controller has made it first past the post to get the free upgrade from ITCH to Serato DJ.

As mentioned in the previous post, Serato could have just lumped this into the official Serato DJ 1.1.2 release PR, but I figure that they consider it important enough to warrant its own words:



Serato is proud to announce that the latest upgrade of Serato DJ 1.1.2 now offers support for the Numark NS6 – The first of many ITCH controllers that will be supported in 2013 by Serato DJ.

The new Serato DJ release 1.1.2 is a comprehensive new digital DJ platform that includes iZotope effects, midi mapping and a host of advanced, professional features. Serato DJ 1.1.2 delivers all the features and performance to meet the demands of DJs at the top of their game and sets the new standard for controller DJs.

Sam Gribben, CEO of Serato, says: “It’s been really exciting seeing the Serato DJ world unfold over the last 4 months. Our world-class development team, in partnership with our industry leading hardware partners, are thrilled with the progress of Serato DJ in this short period of time. We are very excited for our NS6 customers, the very first ITCH users able to upgrade and take advantage of the new features and improvements that they have been waiting for.”

The Numark NS6 is the first ITCH controller to be supported by Serato DJ. Users of the NS6 can upgrade to Serato DJ for FREE by downloading Serato DJ 1.1.2 from

The release of Serato DJ 1.1.2 will be followed by further Serato DJ support for other ITCH controllers such as: Numark NS7, Numark V7, Pioneer DDJ-S1, Vestax VCI-300, Vestax VCI-380 and Novation Twitch in a gradual rollout this coming spring.

For Serato ITCH customers, you can choose to be notified when Serato DJ will be available for your controller at

Now… for those of you who might have seen the Numark version of events pushed out at the same time (and is still on their site too), they claim that this is a paid upgrade, something that flies in the face of what Serato said above, and indeed has clearly stated in the past. I’m quite sure that this is in fact a free upgrade, as witnessed by the hordes of Serato DJ forum users who have upgraded and not paid a penny.

So do you have an NS6 with a finger hovering over the upgrade button? Let us know how it’s all working out for you,

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