NI declares EU remain support — thanks to DJWORX!

NI logo

For 15% of our community, today is a historic day for our sceptred isle. It is possible that by tomorrow lunchtime, we brits could be living in some little island off the coast of Europe, but not part of the European Union. It’s complex and most of us don’t really get it but we’ve been asked to vote on it anyway. It’s a close run thing right now and too tough to call either way according to polls. But thanks to me looking at a logo funny, Native Instruments has declared their support for the UK to remain.

Rotating a logo is hardly branding genius, but I liked it enough to send it through to NI UK, and in turn ended up on the NI Facebook page with a credit to myself. Yay!

No comments necessary — it’s just fun, but offers of branding consultancy are most welcome. I do 90° rotations too. I do them all.