umidi custom controller hits Kickstarter

Off-the-shelf works fine for most people, but some like to have choice and a say in how their chosen DJ weapon of choice works. And umidi does just that and gives you a full editor to drop your buttons and knobs wherever you want. And now the umidi custom controller has arrived on Kickstarter, giving you the opportunity to get in on the early adopter action.

The press release:


December 4th 2013

umidi is a premium custom DJ controller. You design your dream controller on our website and we build and ship it to you anywhere in the world!

Using our design interface on our website at “” you can choose up to 36 components on a 6×6 grid including knobs, faders, encoders, jog wheels, and aluminium push buttons. You can choose the way your components are positioned, colored, and the lighting shapes around each one.

To personalize your controller further, you can have a custom image laser etched onto your umidi. Every controller is assembled and tested in our workshop.

At the heart of umidi lie 288 RGB LED’s that can be controlled to do whatever you want. This allows for music driven lighting, button effects, visualizing mixing, millions of colors and more. You can even create your own lighting effects. This is easily done
using the umidi editor.

umidi uses DJ Tech Tools Chroma Caps for knobs, faders and encoders.

umidi’s enclosure is milled from a single piece of high grade aluminium, is only 1 inch, (2.5cms) thick and weighs less than 3lbs pounds (1.4kgs). umidi works with all midi DJ software including Traktor, Live, Scratch Live, Virtual DJ and more. It’s compatible with Mac OS X, Windows & Linux (plug & play, no drivers necessary). It uses a 32bit ARM 120Mhz for low latency optimization.

umidi is available on now starting at an introductory price of $895 US ($975 AUS).

Kickstarter page: Our website:

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Well it’s still not cheap, but any one of a kind controller is always going to set you back considerably more than a mass produced. And if you were in any doubt about the quality and vision of umidi, I urge you to watch the video. It really does show just how unique each of these controllers can be, as well at the attention to detail and loving care that each will get.

The Kickstarter page goes into infinite detail of the infinite possibilities, provided you have the necessary readies to realise your dream controller. I wish the umidi guys the very best of luck with this project. These guys could be the next big boutique controller outfit.