Mixvibes Remixlive — now made for Mac

Mixvibes is one of the longest established names in the DJ software game. And they clearly realised some time ago that mobile was going to be a thing, and that production was the next logical step for DJs. Thus Remixlive for iOS was born, ticking two boxes in one go. But they’ve also realised that the desktop platform is a tad more flexible and ubiquitous, thus Remixlive is now available for Mac.

The press release:

Mixvibes introduces Remixlive for Mac

Today Mixvibes releases Remixlive for Mac. The app takes the streamlined experience of the iOS version to new horizons by adding extra capabilities such as a modular grid, MIDI control, 12 exclusive effects, and more.

Remixlive for Mac was created to be a gateway to more complex DAW software. Keeping the same intuitive and slick interface as the iOS version, it is the perfect tool for performance live sets and is a blast to use with any MIDI controller. Its powerful time-stretching algorithm makes it the perfect app for on-the-fly looping and matching of samples in real time.

Key features

  • A modular pad grid that adapts to any configuration or MIDI pad
  • 6 free sample packs (3 included directly in the app), with 13 more available as In App
  • Tweak your sound with instant FX and beat repeat
  • Live BPM control: change the tempo on the fly without stopping the
  • Multiple Mode: play several pads per column
  • Edit Play mode, Quantize, Gain, ADSR, Pan, Loop Division, Reverse,
  • Import your own
  • Record any sound or voice through the mic or audio in — with an optional

Mac-exclusive features

  • Modular grid: customize the grid size to your liking – up to 10 columns and 10
  • New effects: Infinite Delay, Low Phaser, Flangus, Jet-Up, Metalizer, Basic Slicer, Fast Gate, Crush, Bliss, Big Bright Hall, Freezer and
  • DJM-modeled high-quality
  • Share recordings via SoundCloud and
  • AU/VST version that you can integrate into the DAW of your choice, including Ableton Live, Cubase, GarageBand, and many
  • Fully resizable and scalable Retina

MIDI control

  • Support for any MIDI controller through MIDI Users can assign any command in the app to their controller using a dedicated simple-to-use interface.
  • No MIDI controller? Control the app using your

More supported formats

  • Import your own samples from the Finder in a variety of formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4a, AAC, FLAC, Ogg, MP4 and WMA are
  • Higher quality track recording options: WAV, AIFF, FLAC,

Watch the introduction video: https://youtu.be/MaokxHrOpfM

Pricing and availability

Remixlive for Mac is available on the Mac App Store at a special introductory price of $29.99 (instead of 69.99$).

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1117950698
More info: http://www.mixvibes.com/remixlive-mac

The same but more

Having already had a dabble with the iPad version and really liked it (especially buying the Jungle set), I found myself not as immediately engaged with the Mac version. That said, I was sat on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon without a controller. That’s the point at which I feel the Mac version will come into its own. Smashing a keyboard doesn’t feel the same as abusing pads.

And there’s quite a bit more to this version too, including being able to edit the grid to the layout that works best for you, more effects, audio sharing, and MIDI mapping capability. And if you so choose, you can run it as a VST inside other apps too.

We’re concerned about the price though. Right now for $30 it’s good value. But when you consider that Live Intro is €79 and includes 700 sounds, 3 instruments, 27 effects, and is essentially a full production suite, $70 doesn’t seem like such a attractive deal in comparison.

I do like Remixlive’s simplicity though. Live is complex, and the immediate accessibility of what Remixlive does makes Live look like a very steep learning hill to climb. Sometimes you just want to load up samples and bash away. I would still urge Mixvibes to keep the price a little lower than $70 though if they want to sell a decent number of units.


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