MixEmergency 2.3: 5 years old and 30% off

inklen mixemergency 2.3 sale

While Serato has more or less stopped Scratch Live in its tracks, Inklen’s video package MixEmergency continues on its path to become the only video plugin worth bothering with. ME has reached the venerable age of 5, and with the release of  MixEmergency 2.3 comes their first ever sale, with a bumper 30% off.

Here’s what Inklen have to say:

MixEmergency 2.3 for $139 USD

To celebrate the release of MixEmergency 2.3, and 5 years of MixEmergency, we’re having our first ever sale – get 30% off all purchases until the 16th of November 2013. Buy it here >>

MixEmergency 1 users are still eligible to upgrade to MixEmergency 2 for only $99 USD. Upgrade here >>

MixEmergency 2.3 is a free upgrade for users who have purchased a MixEmergency 2 license.  Download it today >>

What’s new in MixEmergency 2.3:

  • Fixed output screen positioning issues (Mac OS X 10.9).
  • Fixed an issue where some controls on the main MixEmergency window would not respond (Mac OS X 10.9).
  • Improved the rendering pipeline to allow effect plug-ins to access image data from both channels.
  • Added Video Input overlay presets.
  • Added notifications for FX Sequencer presets.
  • Fixed an audio recording issue that could cause recording to stop for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain MIDI messages to be lost.

MixEmergency has always pitched itself as a video plugin for Scratch Live, but with that particular iconic software effectively mothballed, it’ll be interesting to see if ME has a future in the new era of Serato DJ. Inklen and Serato do have an uneasy alliance, where Serato allows ME to work with Scratch Live, and I guess may well continue to do so.

As for working with Serato DJ, well Nick from Inklen continues to talk to Serato, and while nothing concrete has been announced, this thread sheds some light on the subject. Hopefully something more concrete and certain will materialise in due course.