Mixed In Key FLOW is a go!

[youtube id=”HH4_OjEmukc”]

Two teasers and a beta later, Mixed In Key’s new DJ software is ready for the world. Thankfully the codenamed Danceability beta has a much more palatable name – say hello to Mixed In Key Flow DJ software.

Mixed in Key is still taking a small steps approach. Not much has changed since the beta – obviously bugs have been squished, but rudimentary looping has been added. At first glance, it all seems to work well, and we can only hope that features can start getting trickled out with regular updates.

mixed in key flow dj software

There’s a free 30 day demo that like the beta only has a limit on the number of tracks you could work with, but 150 should be enough for you to make a buying decision. And if you like what you see, you can directly upgrade from the Mixed In Key Flow site to the full version for $58.

If you’ve got questions, the Mixed In Key Flow FAQ is a very good place to start.