Beyond touch: inFORM tactile interface

Beyond touch: inFORM tactile interface

[vimeo id=”79179138″]

While touch interfaces don’t seem to have captured the imagination of the entire DJ industry, we’re all looking for new ways to physically engage with our music. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this could be used in a DJ context, but I was absolutely captivated when I saw this clip today. The inFORM tactile interface operates with a large, low resolution and generally unwieldly mechanical interface, but bugger me if it isn’t incredibly clever.


Like I said, I can’t quite fathom how this could work for DJs, but the principle of being able to perform remotely via camera and have their actions physically manifested at the other end is intriguing. Perhaps when this becomes of a higher resolution and a larger platform, then a DJ can stand in front of their decks or controller and have a 3D version operating at the actual venue. Or perhaps a DJ operating a virtual version on their DJ gear.

I’m probably talking out of my arse, but I find this intriguing for the future — perhaps a stereotypical silver-suited future, but this is one to watch in a Star Trekish kind of way.

Beyond touch: inFORM tactile interface

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