Linda Arink from Rane’s open letter to DJs

Rane DJ 1982 Linda Arink

Last week, Rane unleashed their new all singing and dancing website upon the world. It’s a corker too, and the co-owner and co-founder Linda Arink has just posted a very cool letter to the DJ community, and I identify with it in a very strong way.

I’m not going to copy and paste the text — you should stop by the Rane site and read it for yourselves. But the sentiment expressed is very much how I feel about DJWORX. So I applaud Linda for having articulated it so perfectly. One day, I’ll get to meet her for myself — seems to be one person who has escaped my trade show schedule. I expect she’s far too busy in the factory for the pointless NAMM and Messe hustle.

Linda Arink from Rane's open letter to DJs

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