INTERVIEW: Laurent Cohen talks Electrix Tweaker [VIDEO]

Following on from Jared Helfer’s Electrix Tweaker review is a new feature for DJWORX. Sometimes, it’s all to easy to focus on the hardware that’s right in front of you, with little regard for where it  has come from, and importantly to have a feel for where it’s going. Well we want to change that, and rather than just reading our musings and opinions, the original voice is vitally important to get the message across properly. So while at the BPM Show, I wrestled Laurent Cohen from Electrix into the DJWORX Base Camp and put him under the spotlight and thrust 3 cameras into his face to talk Electrix Tweaker, the heritage and the future.

I feel that background info is vital. I strongly subscribe to the maxim about not knowing where we are going if we don’t know where we’ve been. So Laurent gives us some background on Electrix, the Tweaker and also where things may well be going. The oh so brief performance is from Arkaei – a DJ, performer and seasoned battler who uses technology to the fullest. For those in the know, he’s the APC-80 guy. He’s also a perfectionist and wasn’t especially happy with the set we filmed at BPM, so he’s promised to record us another 2 x Tweaker set once he’s moved house.

Laurent Cohen Electrix Tweaker interview

We’re interested to hear your feedback on this type of feature. Talking to industry people about gear is where we’re at, so please let us know if you want to see more of this sort of thing. Having a proper studio now makes wheeling people in front of a camera that much easier, so if you want to sit under our spotlights and talks shop for the masses, holler and let’s tell the readers about your stuff.