Innovative DJ software One DJ ceases development

One DJ

This week has been interesting, and has led to many conversations, not least about the future of the DJ scene. Thoughts turned to DJ software, and how the landscape might play out. And a little research into the small players yielded some very bad news — it would appear that Audio Artery’s One DJ is no longer being developed.

Here’s the splash screen text:


Unfortunately we are forced to cease the further development of One DJ at this point. We also stop sales of the software through our webshop. Hopefully we can continue at some point, but at the moment it has become impossible. Anyone interested in One DJ can contact us at info(at)

I reached out to Audio Artery for a little more info, and it seems that the volatile DJ scene means that One DJ cannot compete well enough to generate the revenue to take it further. So while more mothballed than over, the demo version is still available for those curious about the software, but it is no longer for sale.

This is a huge shame for DJing. As the industry continues in the direction of being run by big business putting out very similar and safe sales friendly products, smaller outfits are needed to challenge the status quo, and to develop fresh ideas. One DJ was certainly that product, and worked like nothing else out there. The modular approach was new, and the more timeline led workflow pushed DJing into a different style, one more akin to production and performance that just playing tracks.

So we bid a fond farewell to One DJ, and wish everyone connected with it every success in the future. And as I stressed to them, we at DJWORX will be shifting focus to the smaller and more interesting players in the DJ industry. We feel that these are the ones who will be doing the interesting and challenging work.