Pioneer DJ + Bluetooth = HDJ-X5BT headphones

Bluetooth — the mere mention in DJ circles sends a shudder down spines, and usually results in a diatribe about latency. But that doesn’t stop companies dabbling in the wireless tech, nor should it. And Pioneer DJ has pushed aside obvious objections and added Bluetooth to their HDJ-X5 model and tagged it the HDJ-X5BT. Nothing quite like a catchy name to stick in your head is there? But this is nothing like a catchy name, so that’s the HDJ-X5 with BT for Bluetooth grafted on the end. Clear?

Here’s the video:

And as ever, copious words from Pioneer DJ HQ:

Deeper Connection: Introducing the HDJ-X5BT headphones
New over-ear DJ headphones with Bluetooth® wireless technology 

11th October 2018: We’ve upgraded our affordable HDJ-X5 DJ headphones, adding Bluetooth® wireless technology to create the HDJ-X5BT. The new over-ear DJ headphones are ideal for DJing in the club and monitoring tracks on the move and are available in three colours: HDJ-X5BT-K (metallic black), HDJ-X5BT-R (metallic red) and HDJ-X5BT-W (gloss white). 

Now, more than ever, DJs need equipment that’s flexible and helps them to practise, prepare and perform wherever they go. Thanks to their Bluetooth connectivity the HDJ-X5BT headphones make it easy to monitor music in any situation – whether you’re at home or on the move – and when you connect the included cable you can use them for comfortable DJing in the club. Whether you go wireless or not, the HDJ-X5BT headphones offer the same outstanding audio quality, durability and functionality as the original HDJ-X5 model. 

The HDJ-X5BT headphones will be available from mid-October at an SRP of €159 including VAT. Watch the introduction video or find out more about the new Bluetooth headphones.


  1. Wireless technology for monitoring music anywhere you go

With easy set-up, you can simply power up the HDJ-X5BT headphones and pair them with your Bluetooth device – such as a smartphone or PC/Mac – then start monitoring tracks. A three-hour charge gives you up to approximately 20 hours of playback. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can talk hands-free on calls when the headphones are connected to your phone*1.

  1. Well-balanced, dynamic sound

Hear every nuance in your tracks whether you’re mixing in the booth or monitoring music at home. High-resolution, well-balanced tuning and bass reflex chambers in the housings allow the airflow to deliver an excellent bass response and sound insulation. The high-quality Qualcomm® aptX™ audio codec is supported as well as AAC and SBC for high-quality sound, even when listening wirelessly.

  1. Lasting durability 

Take your cans on the road with confidence. The HDJ-X series headphones are rigorously tested and each model has cleared the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test*2 as well as our own demanding stress testing to ensure they can handle severe conditions and heavy use. 

  1. Flexible functionality for comfortable DJing 

When you want to immerse yourself in a mix, connect the included 1.2m coiled cable to automatically disable Bluetooth and all other buttons. The HDJ-X5BT headphones are comfortable to use no matter how you wear them, thanks to the housing design, swivel mechanism and flexible headband inherited from the predecessors in the HDJ-X series. 

  1. Other features
  • Comfortable ear pads

Wear your headphones in comfort for long sets. We carefully selected material that’s soft to the touch and provides cushioning, and we even paid attention to the positioning of the stitching to maximise its comfort.

  • Foldable, easy-to-carry design
  • Three colours available

Choose from metallic black (HDJ-X5BT-K), metallic red (HDJ-X5BT-R) or gloss white (HDJ-X5BT-W) versions to match the style of your gear and your look.

  • Original unique sounds for each beep when connecting via Bluetooth, powering and pairing, etc. 

*1 You can use these headphones for phone calls if the Bluetooth-compatible phone (cellular phone, smartphone, etc.) is compatible with the HSP or HFP Bluetooth profile. 

*2 MIL-STD-810G METHOD 516.7 SHOCK compliant.

HDJ-X5BT specifications 

Version Bluetooth Specification Ver. 4.2
Output Bluetooth Specification Class 2
Maximum communication distanceProspective distance approx. 10m*3
Supported Bluetooth profilesA2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Supported codecsSBC, AAC, Qualcomm® aptX™, Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency
Play timeApprox. 20 Hours*4
Charging timeApprox. 3 Hours
TypeClosed, Dynamic
Frequency response5 Hz – 30 kHz
Input impedance32 kΩ
Sensitivity104 dB
Maximum input power2,000 mW 
Driverφ 40 mm 
Connection cord1.2 m coiled cable (extended length 1.8 m)
Weight319 g (without cable)
Accessoriesφ6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type),

USB charging cable

Warranty1 Year

*3 Transmission distances are a guideline. Transmission distance may change depending on the surrounding environment.
*4 Sometimes less depending on the conditions of use.


Before you get all foamy at the mouth, these are clearly not for wireless DJing. Think about it — how would you use them with your gear? That’s right silly — the cable, which from a DJ perspective makes them a significantly more expensive version of what came before.

But as I’ve hammered home many times before, headphones are multi-purpose things now, and the cans that you use for spinning are often likely to be the same ones you don to stumble around the streets, peering into your phone bumping into pedestrians, and generally piss people off with the excessive volume. And in this respect this is where the Bluetooth tech comes into play. There’s nothing quite so liberating as being untethered from your music player. Walking two floors upstairs from my kitchen and having no breakup is pure joy, let alone having to navigate my person to find a good route for a headphone cable.


While Bluetooth speakers and PAs are slowly establishing themselves, wireless DJ headphones — because of latency — are yet to be a thing. Some companies like Natus and their wireless DJ link are dipping their toes in this area, but given the apparent success of Phase and their relatively latency free wireless communication, it’s just a matter of time before mixers and controllers will start to come with wireless protocols as standard. Not next year mind, but I estimate that within five years we’ll begin to see the tech encroach into the previously exclusive wired domain.


Arriving in plenty of time for Christmas i.e. next week, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT headphones will come in metallic red, glossy white, and metallic black models and cost €159/£139/$149.