Going turntable cold turkey with Denon DJ Prime

Being a gentlemen DJ of advancing years, I cannot remember a time in the last decade and a half when a set of turntables, a mixer, and a stack of vinyl wasn’t within mixing and scratching distance of my hands. But that changes today. With the arrival of the Denon Prime SC5000 media player and X1800 mixer, I’ve decided to remove any temptation to revert to type, and immerse myself in Denon DJ’s brave new world.

So away went the Reloop RP-8000s and the Rane Sixty-Four, both packed in their boxes, and out of temptation’s way in the Worxlab attic. Importantly, I won’t have to find space for a laptop either. And although I’ll hardly be a fish out of water, this will be the first time I’ve had a pair of media players and a mixer in to review together. Even after all these years, the only time we had a full Pioneer DJ CDJ/DJM setup in was for a video shoot.

So I enter this with zero trepidation, quite the opposite in fact. Having already had most of this setup in the Worxlab if only for an hour many months ago, I already know that I’m going to relish this a lot.

Going turntable cold turkey with Denon DJ Prime


Here’s how this is going to work — we’re starting with the new Engine Prime software (check here for the countdown), moving to the SC5000 Prime player, and then the X1800 mixer. And at the end of all that, we’ll tell you how well they all work together. And this is where you come in.

This is your opportunity to get questions in for us to cover off in the reviews. It’s best to find out the things you need to know ahead of time, especially if you’re waiting to throw credits cards at your screen depending on the answer.

Going turntable cold turkey with Denon DJ Prime

These naughty little minxes will remain in their safe places until Tuesday (public holidays in the UK which I fully taking), after which point I’ll be working out if I take pictures first, or just dive in and then worry about fingerprints later. But in the meantime, get your questions in and we’ll do what we can to answer them ahead of time. And we’ll also post links to manuals when we have them too.

It’s fair to say that there will be a veritable carpet-bombing of Denon DJ Prime coverage from the DJ media types over the next month or so. And as ever, you can be sure that ours will be the most in-depth and detailed around. And it’ll pull no punches either — while we have high hopes for this gear, it’s important to give a balanced picture of the highs and lows. After all, it’s a shedload of coin to drop so we want to make sure that we cover everything for you.

So… what do you want to know?

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