Future Prophecy: fusing comics and DJing



Every so often, we take a break from turning our backs on the past and drooling over the steady stream of new gear to talk about something different. As a comics geek as well as a music nerd, when this hit my inbox, it certainly piqued my interest. Future Prophecy is a concept that blurs the lines between different media, from mobile apps to comics to clubbing and film. It’s ambitious and daring.

The idea comes from sisters Sara Simms and Mella Oh, DJ/producer and comic writer respectively, with the hope to unite their respective passions to create something new: a superhero comic about DJs. Complete with dystopian futures, evil geniuses and lots of raving, the story focuses on the people of Toronto.

NI ain’t got nothin’ on these guys

This has got to be the real #futureofdjing: Future Prophecy, where DJs have super powers. We all talk about the rise of ‘superstar’ DJs, with mega bucks and incredible laser shows. This breed of headliner is idolised by many, but do they have actual superpowers? Hell no.

Page4 omega journey

While this is a smart concept, it is extremely ambitious and $25,000CAD is a lot to ask the public for, which might put some people off (“there’s no way they’ll get that, so I won’t bother”). Kickstarter is a very competitive battleground. The campaign page does a decent enough job of clearly explaining what they’re asking of backers, though. There are already a couple of issues of the comic available, and each issue will be accompanied by a music track produced by one of the story’s characters.

Ultimately, regardless of whether they get funding, I’d love to see something come out of it.


Since writing this story, the campaign was relaunched at a lower pledge goal, and was successfully funded. Congratulations to Sara and her team!

What do you think of the concept?