Free Stuff Friday: 3 x UDG cases!

DJWORX UDG giveaway

Having already established that the 12 Days of Worxmas is a royal pain in the arse to organise and administer, we’re going to be giving stuff away on a more regular basis, but still have the one humungous monumentally insane prize for what will effectively be… well Worxmas. And casting my eye around the Worxlab for goodies, I spy some UDG stuff that I think would be better suited in the care of 3 of you lucky people.

We reviewed the large and small DIGI wallets and small DIGI hardcase recently, and they’ve sat patiently in the corner waiting to get some more usage. So it makes perfect sense to put them into the hands of people who will actually use them. Winning is simple — just add a comment below explaining why you feel you should win. But please, no sob stories — we’re hardened cynical bastards who don’t stand for that sort of thing. So instead, make us and the readers smile. And readers — you are positively encouraged to upvote the ones that you like the best. While our decision is final, your opinions will certainly count.

So no emails or social media bribery  — simply comment (with a logged in username otherwise we can’t contact you) and keep your fingers crossed. You’ve got one week. Go.

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