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The mobile app industry is cut-throat. The battle to appear in the ‘top 10’ app categories is a brutal one, and can mean survive-or-die for smaller developers. It makes sense for companies to find extra revenue streams from their established userbase. In App Purchases (IAP) are a popular way to do it, and if done properly, are actually very effective at providing more content for fans without being obtrusive.

The games industry was one of the early proponents of the IAP market, but there have been large swathes of criticism aimed at perceived “pay-to-win” problems. But for something like music production, and DJing, the idea of providing more paid content within an app makes sense.

And so agrees DJiT, the company behind the edjing apps and the super portable Mixfader Bluetooth crossfader. The French startup has rolled out a sample pack store for the popular edjing Mix mobile app. Here’s the words directly from their computer keyboards:

edjing Mix now includes a sample pack store.

Monday, December 12, 2016 — Paris. Today DJiT, the leader in next-generation music apps for iOS and Android, is glad to announce the release of a new version of edjing Mix on iOS with the integration of a sample pack store inside the app.

With this new update, edjing Mix users’ can now go further in music creation. They can buy sample packs especially designed for the app and developed by professionals: FutureLoop.

From now on, the store gives acces to 21 sample packs, including one for free. Each one of them contains 16 sound samples and the store will be regularly supplied with new ones. Various musical styles are represented: EDM, dubstep, house, trap, and way more! edjing Mix enrichs the user experience and makes it even better.


Led by the willingness to make music creation accessible to everyone, DJiT conceives, develops and markets mobile apps and connected objects dedicated to music. Ranked among the world’s top 10 biggest mobile music app publishers, DJiT records more than 80 million users in 182 countries and is behind edjing Mix, the world’s first DJ app, voted “Best App of 2015” by both Apple and Google.

Several times rewarded for the quality of its products and the robustness of its development, DJiT has attracted the leading names in industry, which didn’t hesitate to offer their support. After receiving the “Top developer” label – issued by the Google Play team – that rewards the best Android app publishers in the world, the startup has more recently been selected by Apple among 350 000 app editors to be associated with the launch of the iPhone 7.

Since 2015, DJiT is diversifying into connected objects. The company successfully met this challenge with the release of Mixfader, the first wireless crossfader that opens up new perspectives for the mobile mixing. The startup founded in Paris in 2012 now counts more than 40 employees.

My thoughts

I’m all for developers providing extra content within the app as long as it doesn’t gimp the functionality of the existing software. Apps like edjing Mix give the option to buy an ad-free version as a way of supporting the developers, and this looks like it’ll be the same, except

I’ve had a play with the Android version of the edjing products at various times, and it’s a slick (albeit skeuomorphic) interface and a solid app. I’m much more a fan of using the strengths of the screen interface for displaying controls, rather than translating existing paradigms, really. It’s a big reason I enjoy using Ableton’s interface, and quite like the Mixvibes mobile app.

Your thoughts

Would you be interested in grabbing extra sample packs from an in-app sample pack store? What would you look for in a new sample pack?

Grab the edjing Mix, free on both Android and iOS. New sample packs will cost $1.99.

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