dmc portablist dj battle 2019 Numark PT01 Scratch gold

DMC and Numark add Portablism battle to world finals

A couple of weeks ago, we reported about how the reborn and DJ friendly Technics brand was returning to the DMC DJ Battle. It’s a welcome return and brings back a certain nostalgic value to the event. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that DMC is harking back to glory days, for they’re embracing the hot young thing that is portablism, and along with Numark have set up a Portablist final. 

Obviously there are rules — this is from their Facebook post:

dmc portablist dj battle 2019 Numark PT01 Scratch gold (2)

Numark presents The 2019 DMC Portablist Final – DJs can upload their 60 second videos today! Anyone can upload their set for their chance to represent at The DMC World Final on Saturday 28th September. 

Videos must be 60 seconds long and the DJs must use a Numark PT01. The final 3 DJs chosen by the DMC World Champions perform on stage at the world final for their chance to be crowned the Numark 2019 Portablist Champion. 

(DJs who enter are responsible for their own travel to London).

And this is from the above link, and details the whole process:


Welcome to the Portablist Event Final.

Uploading begins: Tuesday 30th July
Videos sent to the Judges: Tuesday 20th August
Winners announced: Tuesday 27th August



This Portablist DJ competition launches on July 30th and is open to any DJ that is able to take care of their own costs to travel to the DMC World Final (Saturday 28th September, Islington Assembly Hall, London).

The Portablist online event opens on 30th July and closes on 20th August 2019.

There will be one online round. There is no public voting in this event. DJs can submit and upload their performance online and on 20th August they will be sent to DMC World Champion judges who will decide which 3 DJs will perform in the Portablist Final on stage at The DMC World Final on Saturday 28th September @ Islington Assembly Hall.

On 20th August the judges results will be revealed and we will announce the three DJs that will go through to the LIVE World Final.

DJs click here to sign up (not yet active)



Step 1
If you are a DJ and want to enter the online competition you will need to register!

Step 2
Once you have registered to enter the DJ competition, you will receive an email giving you instructions on how to upload your video.

Step 3
Once you have uploaded your video your video and the video has been accepted, we will email you to confirm. We will send the videos to the World Champions on Tuesday 20th August and will announce the winners on 27th August. 


Obviously this is great news. Battling has always been part of turntablism, and now for better or worse, it seems part of portablism too. It’s certainly validation for the scene, and gives portablists an officially recognised title to aim for. Now, someone can be crowned the one true Portablist.

Being part of the DMC battle, the question of prizes springs to mind. I was pondering the regular DMC battle, and how the gold Technics turntables were a much coveted prize.

Q. Is Technics putting up any prizes?
Q. If so, is a pair of gold 1200 MK7s going to be a prize for the main final winners?
Q. If however a DJ uses Rane TWELVEs to win, would they win gold TWELVEs or gold 1200s? Or both?
In the case of the Portablist battle, will there be a gold PT01 Scratch for the winner? (Hint — it definitely should be).
Q. Does the Portablist winner walk away with not a full-sized, but a very small DMC winner’s jacket? 😉

Given that the three online Portablist winners have to fly themselves to London from their corner of the world (you need to bear this in mind before deciding to enter), there needs to be something solid on offer, and not just walking away with another PT01 Scratch.

Getting back to the actual competition, it was supposed to start yesterday, but there appears to be no way of signing up and submitting video at the time of writing. Keep checking back at this page for updates.

DMC and Numark add Portablism battle to world finals

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