beat junkies record pool

Digging the Beat Junkies Record Pool crates

A DJ is only as good as they music they play. And if there is one thing to be said about the legendary and World Famous Beat Junkies, it’s that their music selection stands head and shoulders above their peers. Watching the likes of Babu and J.Rocc guarantees a journey though the cooler and funkier parts of music history, all wrapped up with amazing DJ skills. Wouldn’t you love to have a dig around in their music collection? Well now you can via the all new Beat Junkies digital record pool.

Digging the Beat Junkies Record Pool crates

The Beat Junkies website has been refreshed as well, and has full bios or Melo-D, J.Rocc, Mr Choc, Rhettmatic. DJ Babu, Shortkut, D-Styles, Icy Ice, and Curse (all well worth a read). But the key element is the digital record pool. In it, you’ll find a growing selection of old and new tracks, Beat Junkie special edits and remixes, plus a heap of scratch tools too. These span several decades, with a wide range of genres, and all searchable by BPM too. Like every other record pool, there’s a monthly subscription of $35, with a 15% saving if you drop $360 for a year, but that comes with extra benefits too including discounts on Beat Junkie merchandise.

Finishing off with a purely self-indulgent skratchworx style interlude — here’s Melo-D, J.Rocc, Rhettmatic and Babu performing at the 1998 ITF world finals. Watch and learn people.

Digging the Beat Junkies Record Pool crates

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