DJWORX Session: Scratch Jam videos

DJWORX Session Scratch Jam 2013

This weekend’s DJWORX Session for the IDA UK and Ireland was lots of fun, all of which was captured via direct audio feed, and some of which was also captured on video. Yes, I know it’s the loved/hated fisheye lens, but it was easier to shot with that than constantly refocus with a narrow frame, and also because it gives a fuller impression of what the worxlab is like and how many people were there.

[youtube id=”W2vyYSwqJ8Y”]

There are 4 videos, my favourite being the improvised posse cut using the Numark NS7II’s MPC pads for drumming. Be warned — there’s A LOT of scratching in these clips, and 95% of it is “ahhh” based. So if you have an aversion to turntablism, or are one of those scratch snobs who feels they should use other sounds (they do believe me), then don’t click on any of the videos. If however you want to see that there is still a scratch community, and that it’s stronger than ever, then I implore you to watch all 4 clips.

We learned a lot doing this first DJWORX Session, and will certainly be putting this knowledge into practice next time around. More cameras and better lighting are in order, as are PA stands and new workbenches. Watch this space, which for once isn’t an ill-used idiom. And don’t worry — we’ll be doing way more than just scratching in the worxlab.

[youtube id=”2Sn17hClQO8″]

[youtube id=”BsWpamfIGuQ”]

[youtube id=”UoYRfCWAXz0″]

And here’s a full 3 hours and 44 minutes of what happened, straight from the master output. I missed a little from the very beginning, but I’m sure this will be more than enough to satisfy even the geekiest of scratch geeks.