INDUSTRY: interview with Serato’s Sam Gribben

We like to give you a little insight into the inner workings of the DJ gear industry. And ever camera-friendly Sam Gribben, one of many tall people at Serato but the only CEO, chats with Andrew Patterson from New Zealand finance website about how he came to Serato, as well as how the business has developed to where it is today.

Sam Gribben Interview

There are no secrets, but the video is worth watching to get a few glimpses of the inner workings of the Auckland based business. This is very much Serato business rather than Serato product, so don’t be expecting scoops on the next big thing. But it’s absolutely worth a watch to understand that Serato is no longer a bunch of passionate coders and DJs, and has turned itself into a very successful business… with a bunch of passionate coders and geeks working with all the other essential people necessary to running a leading international business.

By the way, can anyone shed any light in the inscription on the wall? The full text for example? I’m assuming it’s some sort of “here’s to the crazy ones” style Serato mantra.

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