DJs — what’s YOUR jam?

DJs — what's YOUR jam?

As DJs, our basic core function is to play other people’s music to other people in a bid to get them to dance. Just as long as it keeps on coming and they can keep on dancing and keeping the bar busy, said other people largely don’t care if we’re happy or not. It is a selfless task, and perhaps even a little soul destroying for some .

But imagine this — for just one night, your favourite DJ is playing your jams aka the tracks that get you on the floor. You can completely forget about making other people happy for a change — this is all about you, and providing you with the service that you aim to provide for everyone else week in week out.

My jams? Well as a b-boy for life on the popping side of things, I’m predisposed to dance, and tunes like Hashim’s “Al Naafiysh” or Cybotron’s “Clear” are guaranteed to get me into battle mode. But my body isn’t really up to such shenanigans these days, so my mind turned to tunes that would let me completely lose myself i.e. the ones I played from 86-89. And one always comes to mind, as it has the same effect on me now as it did then:

Even when writing this piece at 7am this morning, adding the above video made me stop, turn up the volume, and listen to the whole thing from beginning to end with my eyes closed and arms flailing. That’s the sort of feeling I’m looking for from you, either arms and legs throwing shapes or hands in the air lost in the moment euphoria.


So it’s a simple Friday question — what’s the track that makes you lose your shit the very second the one drops? Tell us about that one tune that has you stepping over people to get to the dance floor to express yourself through the medium of dance. Youtube links are most welcome.

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