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Another teaser of Denon DJ’s future shiny

Since coming under the umbrella of inMusic, Denon DJ has slowly trickled out a few units that give an indication of future directions. And there’s a definite feeling of pushing the envelope, as witnessed by the MCX8000, and tackling the somewhat stale super OEM turntable market with the VL12.

But there’s more to come. Back in January, I saw the MCX8000, and then some. I’ve teased the cool new toys that were shown to me, if only to appease those who have written off Denon DJ, but couldn’t actually spill any beans. But it seems that Denon DJ is getting ready to spill some beans themselves. Check out the above teaser video.

Another teaser of Denon DJ's future shiny

Using the somewhat bullish and provocative #ChangeYourRider hashtag, the video alludes to Denon DJ’s next new piece of shiny. And without giving too much away, it looks like a media player. Having seen… things, it would be unfair of me to go into more detail, or to act like some sort of oracle. We media types have all been shown some degree of Denon DJ’s roadmap, so don’t be fooled by coyness.

But just for fun, why not forensically frame-by-frame it yourselves and see what you can come up with. And then I’ll neither confirm or deny your conclusions.

While we’re all getting secret shows of Denon DJ’s roadmap soon, you’ll have to wait until 2017. Yes, very frustrating for you lot, and for us too as we’d love to tell you all about it. As I’ve said previously, this new Denon DJ stuff is good. Just be patient and all will be revealed.

Another teaser of Denon DJ's future shiny

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