DJiT release edjing Mix for iOS, adds DVS

DJiT have been putting out DJ mobile apps for a while now, with their iOS app edjing now coming up to its 6th version, now dubbed edjing Mix. The company behind the rather nifty little Mixfader, a Bluetooth scratch crossfader designed to work with all sorts of software and hardware.The new version of edjing brings a bunch of improvements, along with a drum pad sampler, more efficient interface, DVS timecode control, and something called ‘Smart Volume’, which seems to be a sort of autogain feature.

There’s more in the press release:

DJiT unveils edjing Mix, the 6th edition of the #1st DJ app

Voted “Best App of 2015” by both Apple and Google, and recently showcased in official iPhone 7 webpage, edjing releases its most advanced version ever and now features hardware integration, a brand new sampler and a horde of advanced audio tools.

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, September 2016 – Today, DJiT releases the latest version of the world’s most downloaded DJ app, edjing, on the App Store. At this occasion, edjing becomes edjing Mix and thus completes the edjing Suite that consists of edjing Scratch and edjing Pro.

With a brand new user interface that simplifies all controls and the integration of sophisticated features such as the arrival of the sampler or the hardware compatibility, edjing Mix expands the boundaries of mobile mixing by providing an unprecedented performance level.

edjing Mix includes an all-new sampler with colored drum pads on each deck. With the drum pads users can trigger high-quality sample sounds on top of their music at any time to enrich their mixes. Users can also link each sampler to their crossfader and control their volume.

Real spearhead of all edjing’s apps development, the audio system has also been improved to offer an ultra- realistic sound result as close as possible to the needs of the most demanding DJs. The new CAE technology (Core Audio Engine), included in edjing Mix, provides incredibly stunning quality audio effects in real-time. Moreover, with the introduction of the Smart Volume, edjing Mix confirms its will to optimize the mixing experience. This new feature automatically detects the volume and the gain of two tracks to adjust the gap if needed, and avoid saturated sound.

At the heart of edjing Mix’s design is the willingness to offer the most realistic mixing experience possible. Not just for the experience itself, but also to make its manipulation easier, for beginners and pro DJs alike. The new realistic interface has been thought to be the most efficient possible with a direct and quick access to all essential features to gain time during live sessions. Each feature is now accessible in 1 touch, users can control several effects at the same time and all the main features are continually displayed even during the browsing.

The new version of edjing is more friendly with traditional DJ hardware and now supports MIDI and DVS (Digital Vinyl System). In this way, in addition to MIDI controllers, users can connect together two vinyl turntables. edjing Mix can be used with both timecoded and standard audio vinyls and allows to use all edjing features like applying FX and recording. edjing Mix is also compatible with Mixfader, the first bluetooth crossfader launched by DJiT a few months ago.

All these innovations have been added to enable pro DJs to use edjing Mix as their main solution to perform, while allowing the general public to mix or learn the djing practice even more easily. For that, DJiT worked with pro DJs and more than 2000 beta testers.

In addition to all these new features, edjing Mix includes all the tools that have made the success of the app. edjing Mix provides the most extensive music library in the world of DJ apps with the integration of Deezer and SoundCloud and includes all the DJ essentials such as plenty of audio FX, hot cues, pitch, perfect beatmatch and many more. All that, with the possibility to share all social medias the best mixes directly via the app.

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, CEO of DJiT: “We put our years of experience, particularly our work on edjing Pro, to create this version that meets both professional and hobbyist requirements for the first time. We’re eager to see our millions of fans using edjing Mix, the reference of mobile mixing.

Price and availability:

  • edjing Mix is available on the App Store for free edjing Mix is optimized for iOS 10
  • edjing Mix is coming soon on Android

About DJiT:

Founded and based in Paris, the start-up DJiT designs, develops and markets mobile music applications. Ranked among the world’s top 10 leading mobile app publishers of its category, DJiT has recorded more than 80 million downloads in 182 countries and is behind edjing, the world’s #1 DJ application, voted “Best App of 2015” by both Apple and Google. In addition to its wide range of music apps, DJiT has launched its first connected device Mixfader.

More information:

My thoughts

It’s obvious nobody is trying to reinvent the wheel here, but pushing for more controls that make use of the touch screen, as well as a more comprehensive suite of features to stack up against desktop DJ software is always good. The addition of DVS functionality will go well with the Mixfader, for a super portable digital setup.

Personally, stuff like this just highlights the fact I don’t have an iDevice, and thus I’m missing out on trying all these cool apps. Yes, I’m still an Android kid, but what can you do!

Your thoughts

Does the new edjing Mix app get you inspired? What’s your favourite mobile app for DJing?

edjing Mix out now on the Apple App Store, free with in app purchases.