Phil Morse’s book and how it made me proud

Phil Morse's book and how it made me proud

There are many reasons for doing what we do at DJWORX. Granted, playing with a steady stream of nextlevelness has its benefits, as does does the fun in taking the industry to task when necessary. But the main goal through our writing has always been to help the DJ industry make better gear, and for the community to make an informed decision about buying gear too. It is, in a lofty way, about connecting with people and trying making a difference.

And I discovered last weekend that I’d made considerably more of an impact on one particular person that I was aware. Phil Morse, creator and owner of Digital DJ Tips was in attendance with his full posse at BPM 2016. At the show, Phil was promoting his new book called Rock The Dance Floor, a five step guide for beginners to navigate their way through the minefield of learning to DJ and getting yourself seen and heard.

Phil very graciously offered me a copy of this book, and thus I asked for an inscription. What he wrote came as some surprise:

Phil Morse's book and how it made me proud

And after a lengthy chat, it’s clear that he means it too, something that got me quite choked up if I’m completely honest.

Training is not something we do here. We teach you about gear and the industry in a roundabout way, but not how to DJ. We play to our particular strengths, but training new DJs is definitely where Phil and the DDJT staff lead. And from what I can gather, it’s nothing but onwards and upwards for Digital DJ Tips.

It’s these moments when you realise that while on one level I just type in a bunch of words about lumps of metal and plastic, I have had enough of an influence on someone who has gone on to achieve great success, provide jobs for people, and have a huge impact on future generations of DJs — and that’s makes me deeply proud. Thanks for the genuine words Phil — it really means a lot. And we at DJWORX wish everyone at Digital DJ Tips continuing success in training DJs for the future.

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