djay Pro update uses the force. Well… force touch

djay pro force touch

As you might expect for a company entrenched in Apple technology, WWDC week sees algoriddim incredibly busy and doing the rounds of the developer conferences to keep up to date with what’s hot out of the assorted Cupertino labs. But it will be a little while before you see the fruits of this year’s WWDC embedded into the various versions of djay. So for now, enjoy this new update for djay Pro, especially the new force touch track pad support.

Here’s the full list of new and fixed stuff:

  • Introducing Force Touch trackpad support: use force click to trigger additional actions with a single click to preview tracks, activate cue play, kill EQs, engage high pass filter, or reset sliders (available on 2015 MacBooks with Force Touch trackpad)
  • Added ability to activate slip mode by holding Cmd (⌘) button when scratching or clicking play/pause, cue jump, or loop buttons
  • Added support for Reloop Beatpad 2 MIDI controller
  • Added clock in full-screen mode
  • Added support for mapping MIDI aftertouch messages
  • Added support for mapping on/off buttons via MIDI
  • Added MIDI mapping actions for slicer and to preview tracks
  • Fixed tracks not being added to history when mixing with line faders only
  • Fixed collaborative Spotify playlists not being shown in media library
  • Fixed media library preview not working with split output and disregarding monitor volume
  • Improved performance when using cue points with video
  • Improved performance with large movie libraries and media library folders in “My Mac”
  • Improved accessibility with VoiceOver
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements

So it’s all about maximising the features of the hardware to make the software more intuitive. I can’t test out the force touch features as my near new Macbook Pro is just outside of the cut off point — it’s always the way with rapidly evolving new tech. Hopefully a new external Apple Trackpad is just around the corner.

djay Pro progresses

Having been the guy who has made algoriddim’s videos pretty much since the start, I can speak better than most as to how far the suite has come. If I’m honest, I did scoff at the idea of just DJing from a mobile device. But I love that djay can be plugged into a controller and be the grunt to drive a full sized controller. This to me is where mobile devices will excel in the DJ and performer world.

But djay Pro is light years away from where it was. It offers a full range of features that you expect to see in pro level software, including full support for certain Pioneer CDJ and XDJ models. And the mapping functionality is among my favourite features too, especially as it now has aftertouch support. All that is missing is DVS and a Windows version, and I imagine those are just a matter of time. Once it has the core features nailed, then it can start to build on them, such as improving the sample player features.

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