BPM 2012: Reloop Tape — like a cassette, but not

Reloop Tape audio recorder (1)

We’ve covered the DDJ-SX and Kontrol Z2 in detail just a day or so ago, and will be bringing you some updates on those soon enough. So I’m giving airtime to a rather nifty little thing that I saw today. For those that remember the original iKey audio recorder, then the Reloop Tape will be very familiar.

Reloop Tape audio recorder (2)

Somewhat suitably named, the Reloop Tape is a device that allows you to record the output from your mixer or audio device to USB devices. It rips it on the fly to a switchable 192 or 320k MP3, from line of phono and can even sit in output audio chain and play through to record as well.

Reloop Tape audio recorder (3)

Everyone who saw it and touched it really liked the form factor. Indeed, the final packaging will be a blister pack in the shape of an old cassette player. It’s a smart move because instead of being some anonymous high tech box, you’re immediately drawn to it, and if you’re at least in your 30s, you’ll start to reminisce and share stories of recording the Disco Mix Club and John Peel from the radio. Or was the just the bunch of old farts I was hanging with yesterday?

Reloop Tape audio recorder (4)

Sadly, it looks like Reloop won’t quite make the Christmas market with this. It’ll be around in January for “around £90”.

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