DJ Thumpa Interview

The 30 second intro – Who are you?

My name is Thumpa, I’m a D&B / jungle / rave DJ and have been playing out in clubs since 1998!

DJ Thumpa Interview

How would most people know you? (What are you most well known for?) 

I’m probably more popular on soundcloud than social media as I’m all about the music but I’ve played all over the world and have played for every major UK rave promoter in the UK.

Please list your relevant links (Social accounts, Mixcloud, gigs etc) @thedjthumpa on Insta

Please let us know your next gig dates, and release schedule if you have anything coming out soon 

2024 – 10/02 Leicester 10/02 Glasgow 17/02 Sunderland 24/02 Birmingham 02/03 Birmingham 16/03 Manchester

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Your DJ tech

What is your home DJ tech set up currently?

Pioneer XDJ-XZ, a third Pioneer CDJ 2000 for 3 deck mixing and 2 turntables, I still buy a lot of vinyl

What do you most often play out on these days?

Pionner CDJ 2000 Nexus and occasionally 3000s

What DJ tech did you use in your early days? (We’d love to see some photos!)

I still use my first pair of turntables I ever got. They are Gemini PT1000s and I’ve had them since 1996, they still work like a dream!

What’s on the tech shopping list? 

I’m happy, maybe a Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus for a 4th deck but not sure where I’d put it

Your DJ Career

What’s been your favourite ever gig?

There’s been a few. When I was 14 I told my careers advisor I wanted to be a DJ and play at the biggest rave in England, 15 years later I played at Westfest, the biggest indoor rave in the UK. I got paid to play in Tokyo and had 4 days exploring the city. I did a mini tour of USA playing in 2 cities and meeting new people. I play at a festival in my home town every year and all my mates watch me DJ, that’s the best feeling.

Throughout your career is there a piece of equipment that you have just never got on with? 

I’ve always had turntables and I’ve had CDJs since 2003/4, I can’t think of anything I’ve never enjoyed playing on! When I first started playing CDs in 2002 I played on some horrific disco DJ setups with the all in one CD decks.

From a DJing point of view what three things do you always take to a gig apart from USB and headphones obviously!

A spare t shirt as I jump around loads when DJing and maybe a cheeky puff.

Can you talk us through your productions? (If any)

I rather famously don’t make music, I’ve never had the urge. I’ve collaborated on tunes and have made stuff with a few mates but I’m more of an ideas guy. If I made music I’d become a biased DJ and I like playing varied sets.

If you still have vinyl at home, how much? 

5,0000 maybe? Sold a load when I was out of work but I do buy 3/4 bits a month still. I have a lot of 90s happy hardcore, jungle and hardcore techno still.

DJ Thumpa Interview

Non DJ stuff

Outside of DJing and production, what tech do you use at home? 

Nothing really! (Editor – Are you sure mate? ;-) )

Can you let us know three apps that are essential to you?

Soundcloud as I listen to music all day. Rekordbox as I am on it daily preparing live sets and mixes. WhatsApp for keeping in touch.

What app would you like to spread the word about?

JustEat – (Editor – To be fair to Thumpa he’ll be working off any talk away in the gym. Check his socials)

What non-music related product can’t you live without? 

My Air Max, I’m a big collector of Nike Air Max 90s and only ever wear them.

Any DJs or producers that we should watch out for? 

In D&B I like J.O.E, Insightz, Tempa, Fanatics, Sero, Breakout…there’s loads. There’s also a whole world of 90s & 00s forgotten gems out there, don’t be scared to dig deep…

Been to any great clubs or events recently?

Yes I am resident for Drum & Bass Classics in London and always enjoy the music as it’s 90s/00s stuff all day, I DJ regularly so don’t get to go raving as much but I’m seeing Bukem play soon.

Football team?

Derby County but it’s been a lifetime of disappointment.

Book recommendations? 

I only read Viz, a silly comic for adults, I’m so immature! (Editor – This is a fine choice)

Thanks to Thumpa for this interview, he is a great example of how to play more than one genre, as well as how to interact with the science and to self promote. Top man! Check out our other DJWORX interviews for more tips, advice and knowledge sharing.