One of the joys of being a small and agile software company is the ease with which features can be added and new ideas tested. iMect is one such company, and their DJ Player Pro app has a turning circle small enough that they can just give things a go. They did this within two days when I posted my 360 mode idea a while ago, and VirtualDJ did the same a couple of weeks later. If only the big boys could do that.

And now DJ Player Pro has embraced the portablist scene and made a portablist mode in v9.7.5. The basic idea is that you get the full capability of the DJ Player Pro app, but splits the decks one and two output to left and right channels, and optimises the iPhone experience by removing the on-screen crossfader, allowing portablists to use a single iPhone across two faders via a heap of cables and adaptors.

In the video featuring DJ Souma and DJ Sonic, you can see DJ Player Pro’s DVS capabilities being used to run both decks via the new portablist mode. I have to say to being a little stumped at the exact setup. I’m guessing at a combination of USB to Lighting camera kit adaptor, USB hub, headphone adaptors and star-shaped audio splitters is happening here. But as I sit here with some of this kit in front of me, and no portable faders, I can’t quite work it all out, especially with my Lighting only iPhone 7.

This is just another example of the portablist home-brew hacking mentality. There’s no real practical use for such a complex setup. But they do it because they can, and that’s good enough for me. And it’s this kind of experimentation that can spark some very cool features in the future.