DJ Player and Myo Armband – wireless iOS gesture control

[vimeo id=”92242073″]

We’re a diverse bunch of DJs at DJWORX, a proper mixture of traditional styles and very future-looking artists who get more than a little excited at anything that pushes boundaries. So when we got to see Gábor Szántó, maker of DJ Player, mess around with the yet to be released Thalmic Labs Myo armband, it’s fair to say that pulses raced a little in some parts of the DJWORX collective.

For those not familiar with Thalmic’s Myo armband, it’s an elasticated armband that recognises electrical activity and movement to control wireless devices. It’s not the flailing movement often associated with wearables, but very subtle natural gestures. And this principle has been extended to controlling the finer points of DJ Player on the iPhone.

dj player thalamic labs myo armband controller iOS iPad

By Gábor’s own admission, it’s a tad rough right now, but does demonstrate the principle of hands-free wireless control of software with little more than a few gentle movements. Quite ho this stacks up against readily available products like Leapmotion is anyone’s guess. Well actually, it’ll be arkaei’s job to tell us as we’ll be getting one of these Myo controllers in for a workout soon.

Would you wear a controller? Are you excited at the idea of gestures being your controller? Or are you happiest with moving a physical control to achieve the desired result?