EXCLUSIVE: JetPack Remix DJ bag [Video demo and interview]


A few weeks ago, Orbit Concepts teased us with the follow-up of the first JetPack DJ backpack – the  JetPack Remixed. For those who aren’t familiar, the first JetPack backpack was introduced over a year ago as an all-in-one backpack designed to endure the rigors of the road, while protecting all of your DJ equipment. Today, we’ve got an exclusive first look at the new  JetPack Remixed with the creators Daniel Vinh and Wil An and their ideas behind manufacturing high quality DJ backpacks.

First off, the bag seen in the video is a working prototype and lacks much of the branding. The finalized bag will be introduced in the near future, but we get a first look at all of the features.

First impressions – with the absence of a mixer section, the JetPack Remixed is a much more compact backpack. Retaining all of the essential compartments, the JetPack Remixed was clearly designed to maximize space. The exterior is made of your regular black nylon and appears rather minimal, however, allows for creativity with your personal branding through custom embroidery.

Orbit Concepts Jetpack Remix DJ Bag (15)

The main compartment was designed to fit what most DJ’s consider a standard set – cables, interfaces, hard drives, and a strategically positioned headphone pouch. I particularly liked this feature intended to keep your headphones away from the rest of the gear and prevent them from being crushed.

For the Digital Vinyl System DJ’s, say goodbye to carrying record sleeves. The JetPack Remixed has built-in record compartment, designed to hold four vinyl records and keeping them flat against your back to prevent any warping. Beneath this compartment has room for an optional battery pack with a slot to charge your mobile devices after a long nights work.

Overall, it is evident that Orbit Concepts has done their research and taken into consideration the DJ’s needs. Have a look at the video, it has some rather unique features and their attention to detail will be greatly appreciated.

As and when the bag is released, Orbit Concepts will run special promotions. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. And to get a feel for who Orbit Concepts are, watch this interview we did with Daniel Vinh and Wil An.