DJs – what is your laptop of choice and why?

DJs - what is your laptop of choice and why?

Last week, I asserted that the new 15″ Retina screen endowed MacBook Pro was for me, the ultimate DJ laptop (or should I now call that notebook?). And as expected, not everyone agreed. In fact and quite surprisingly, even normally fanboyish Mac users didn’t really agree either. So I got to thinking… given that laptops, notebooks or whatever you call them are just as important a piece of gear as anything in the modern DJ’s arsenal, I’d like to get a clearer picture of just where we are in terms of hardware and software.

So if you could answer this simple poll:

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I’d also like for you to add your own comments about your choices. Why did you pick your particular OS? Did you spend just enough or go balls out? What were the key buying factors in your decision? Is your computer dedicated to DJing or is it a general purpose go everywhere companion? Are you a lemming and always install the latest updates, or a more cautious user? Basically I want to know what you bought and why to help me build a better picture of DJs, their computers and their habits.

I’m certainly not looking for flame wars. Let us remember that in this particular discussion, you will never EVER change people’s minds by shouting that Macs/PCs are shit, and frankly I’ll just delete them anyway. This is all about explaining the positive decisions you made when committing a lot of cash to the brains of your setup.