DJ Brace DMC Online final set controller one fretless fader

DJ Brace’s DMC tech heavy set — watch and learn

It’s been a long time since I’ve waded through DMC sets. But when our Ray spoke in glowing terms about DJ Brace‘s online final submission, I broke off from painting walls in the new Worxlab to take a look. And I was not disappointed.

For those not in the know, DJ Brace is one half (the other being current world champion Vekked) of Canada’s Fresherthans. And this particular set is a modern turntablism showcase. Featuring a Vestax Controller One and a custom fretless fader mixer, Brace creates a flowing set that focusses on showcasing musicality across the various technologies. It’s obviously not without the hardcore chin-rubbing flourishes, but this is about creating something different.

Now checking the rules, should Brace win the online battle, he has the choice to compete in the world final. He won’t however be able to use the Controller One or fretless fader, but he does have the option to simply perform his set as a showcase. That’s a few quid in baggage charges right there.

Whatever happens, enjoy Brace’s set — it’s definitely worth six minutes of your time. And maximum respect to previously seen The Abbot for entering a controller based set for the final. And good luck to everyone taking part.

DJ Brace's DMC tech heavy set — watch and learn

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