Decks in hand — DJ Angelo is ready for 4PLAY

I’ve lost count of how many turntablist routines I’ve seen over the years. Actually, it’s 5367 just this week alone. Well it certainly feels like it given the sheer volume of videos that get uploaded to the internet. Thus it’s no easy task to make one that will grab the attention of the scratch-weary masses. But all round top chap and scratch guru DJ Angelo has decided to make his job twice as hard, and has doubled the number of turntables in his repertoire.

Using a quartet of Reloop’s RP-8000 turntables sandwiching their Serato DJ Pro powered RMX-90 DVS mixer, DJ Angelo pulls off a routine that is understated yet technically complex. He doesn’t go for mega clicky fader action. but instead chooses to create a flowing routine that encompasses enough of each turntablist discipline, as well as controlling four turntables.

It’s not uncommon to see mix DJs blending across four decks, but these are usually CDJs. But there are just a handful of DJs around the world who routinely perform and mix with a tetralogy of turntables for terpsichorean treats. And I certainly don’t know of any turntablists who have made a name for themselves do such a feat. I await a torrent of video links to prove me wrong of course.