Can’t scratch? Use the Scratch Machine

Scratching is a desirable skill, one that requires a long time and a lot of dedication to nail. So I understand that not everyone has the time to pin down the finer points of flares and autobahns. But for those people needing to add the odd flourish to their recordings, there is UVI’s Scratch Machine, a plug-in that puts a talented scratch DJ right inside your laptop.

Here’s the PR:

UVI announces Scratch Machine now available individually with enhanced library for $39

UVI Scratch Machine, a highly-expressive scratch instrument previously exclusive to the Urban Suite bundle, now available stand- alone with enhanced library for $39

Paris, February 9th, 2015 – UVI announces Scratch Machine now available as an individual instrument with a newly enhanced sample library for $39. Previously available only in the Urban Suite bundle, Scratch Machine is an expressive and highly-addictive scratch performance instrument designed to give users the ability to create unique and authentic progressions via a large library of expertly played phrases. A single-panel interface provides focused control of independent pitch and speed, 6 high-quality effects, 3-band EQ and a resonant filter. All effect bypass controls come pre-mapped to adjacent MIDI notes, allowing them to be easily integrated into performances for greater expressive possibilities.

Scratch Machine includes a huge library of samples and phrases. Over 4,200 phrases in all, covering a variety of classics including vocal phrases, break beats and even scratched Speak n’ Spell samples. All phrases are now available for use in UVI Workstation, users DAW of choice, or anywhere else needed via drag n’ drop. Scratch Machines extensive library was built entirely from performances of professional scratch artist DJ Quartz, carefully recorded and mastered to perfection.

Scratch Machine offers native 64-bit standalone operation through UVI Workstation, comprehensive DAW support (including 64-bit AAX) and support for simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

Pricing and Availability:

Scratch Machine is available immediately for $39 online and from choice retailers

Additional Product Information:

Additional information on Scratch Machine is available at:

Scratch Machine plugin UVI (1)

Scratch Machine — the easy take

Something about skills, real DJs, vinyl, and turntables…?


Yes it’s incredibly easy to write this off as fakery, but I’m sure that the same people aching to smash those words into their keyboard are most probably scratching over programmed sampled beats that may at some point back in the 60s been near a real drummer, but were almost certainly bashed into an MPC, Maschine, or similar by someone who didn’t buy a set of drums and learn the craft.

As far as I can see, this is just a 180° flip on vinyl DJs scratching over sampled and programmed beats. Instead, this is probably a producer using sampled and programmed scratches. You mad bro?


So yes, I fully understand DJs chucking their toys out of their prams when confronted with such a plugin. But it’s just an effect — not a bad sounding one to be honest, but still synthetic enough that I can’t imagine this putting DJs out of well-paying jobs, especially as most people in need of such skills probably have them anyway, or would prefer to bring in a known DJ to add to the credits anyway. I tag this as fun for producers.


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