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That smug look slowly growing on my face isn’t trapped wind, as might be for my four week old son, but rather a gladdening feeling that Android has more and more to be happy about in the DJ world. Not only has Cross DJ been updated, but another bit of news has landed of an app called TKFX for both iOS and Android, designed to control all of Traktor’s effects options.

But it’s not billed as just your run-of-the-mill controller app like Lemur or TouchOSC. Rather, the app features extras like storing banks of effects settings to quickly recall your favourite effects settings and an X/Y pad for that Korg Kaoss Pad feeling.

The developer, Imaginando, has gone to some length to make the app as easy to set up as possible, with a MIDI bridging app for Windows and OS X to let Traktor communicate with your mobile device wirelessly. I had a quick play and got it all working fairly easily.

As usual, a press release for your perusal…

Product Information

TKFX is a dedicated Traktor Dj Effects controller that features an X/Y pad.

TKFX allows you to use Traktor effects in a completely new way. Select the effect you want to use, assign effect parameters to X/Y pad axis, enabled the effect in the desired deck and touch the pad. The effect is automatically applied. When the pad is released, dry/wet starts decaying automatically.

TKFX is completely plug and play which means that you don’t need to waste countless hours on MIDI mapping. TKFX knows all about Traktor Dj effects, just select the effect you want and all it’s parameters and functions will be automatically reflected on the respective buttons. TKFX supports effect unit operation in single or group mode.

Key Features

  • X/Y Pad
  • Plug & Play
  • Hold function
  • BPM Sync
  • 4 effect units
  • 4 memory banks
  • Single or Group Mode
  • Wireless


TKFX will be released on 15th September for both iOS and Android devices, on App Store and Google Play stores, respectively.

A Traktor Dj controller that will revolutionize the way effects are used.

About Imaginando

Imaginando is a tech startup focused in creating tools and instruments for musicians.

Imaginando was founded in June 2014 by Nuno Santos, a tech entrepeneur and electronic musician, creator and developer of LIVKONTROL, an Ableton Live controller for iOS and Android devices.

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Early thoughts

Anyone in the Android camp should be happy to hear there’s something new for them to try. Whether it’s really any good or not, we’ll leave for a later date when someone from the team can give it a proper go. The developers have gone for an in-app-purchase model to make money, letting you pay small amounts (£0.70) to unlock the features you think you’ll use. It’s a sometimes-controversial profit model, but when done fairly, can actually be good for everyone. As such, I personally have no qualms paying a little bit to get the features I need. In fact, the first thing I look for in free apps is a way to contribute (usually by paying to get rid of ads) if I like it.

TKFX Traktor FX control iOS Android (3)

Touch is a tactile problem that many can’t seem to get over easily and may put people off, but there’s a strong argument to balance out that since you already have the mobile device, this is well valued way of getting the functionality you want at your fingertips as long as the interface and workflow are tight.

TKFX is out on 15th September and will be free but with in-app-purchases in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

What apps can you recommend for controlling software? How do you feel about touch interfaces? Will you try TKFX out?