Ortofon Book Review “A Century of Accuracy in Sound” – Fantastic if pricey


Orfoton  |  PRICE: 49 euros


Two things are established:

  1. I love DJ gear
  2. I love books

So when these two things come together in one place, it’s guaranteed to have my attention. And just before Christmas, this beautiful Ortofon book landed in the Worxlab and made me very happy indeed. 

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This year, Ortofon has been celebrating 100 years of purveying all manner of audio products, but specialising in the phonographic needle and cartridge business. And to chronicle such an achievement, Ortofon has commissioned music historian Kevin Howlett to dig deep into the archives, as well as tapping the memories of former and current employees.

Out the other end of this lengthy and exhaustive process is this splendid tome. It’s beautifully bound and lavishly illustrated, and delivers an in-depth knowledge of the company’s progress and technological achievement through the ever-changing audio technology landscape. 

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To be honest, I’m struggling to write much about this at all. The book has but one purpose — to commemorate and communicate the 100 years of Ortofon, and in this respect it does it perfectly. It’s a hefty thing that’s well bound (I’m qualified to talk about such things), and it fits most neatly on your vinyl shelf too. It would have been a serious oversight if it hadn’t really. 


It’s not cheap (49 euros), but it’s likely to be the only book celebrating a century of DJ business in our lifetime. And frankly it’s just a bloody nice thing to have in your life. Congrats to Ortofon for a full 100 years in this business, and for delivering a tangible real account of their adventure so far. 

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Ortofon Book Review “A Century of Accuracy in Sound” – Fantastic if pricey
If you like collecting DJ stuff and vinyl, this celebration of Ortofon's 100 years will fit perfectly on your shelf, and educate you at the same time.
12" media, but don't try and play it.