Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge NAMM 2018 (7)

NAMM 2018: A first look at Ortofon’s Concorde MKII

OG skratchworxer and resident needle nerd ProfessorBX took a jaunt from his LA home to pay homage to the DJ industry at NAMM. There, he hunted down Orfoton's new Concorde MKII range, and got deep into it with Louis from Ortofon. What follows is a summary, ahead of a suitably nerdy future review. ...
Ortofon Concorde mkII NAMM 2018 carts needles (2)

NAMM 2018: Ortofon is 100, so here’s the Concorde MKII

Ortofon is celebrating its 100th birthday with a reinvention of its flagship Concorde cart. The MKII comes in 5 striking models that broadly match the needs and wallets of DJs. A key element of the new model is the replaceable lifter, meaning no more low rent fixes with plastic ties. ...