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It’s been almost five months since Ableton announced and later rolled out Ableton Link, their open(ish) cross-platform system for getting music apps to communicate with each other. We’re finally starting to see some traction within iOS, and one of the latest apps to join the Ableton Link family is Blocs Wave, an app that already looks like it’s great for sketching out ideas and jamming with yourself. The update lets you sync Blocs Wave over wifi with any other app that supports the Link protocol, as well as Ableton Live itself, of course.

Blocs Wave for iOS gets Ableton Link support

Now Jam in Sync with Link via a Free Update

Blocs Wave for iOS, the new music-creation app released last month, now gets Ableton Link support for epic mobile jamming sessions. Now combine Blocs Wave’s real-time stretch engine, with a super-fast and intuitive browser, to make this the perfect partner app for real-time jamming. Playing together is now easier than ever.

With support for Link in Blocs Wave, you can now jam in sync with other Link-enabled apps simply by joining the same wireless network. Forget the hassle of setting up — just focus on playing music. You can even connect to Ableton Live running on a laptop. Anyone can start and stop their part while others keep playing. Anyone can adjust the tempo and the rest will follow. No MIDI cables, no installation, just free-flowing sync that works.

A growing number of other great music-making iOS apps also support Ableton Link.

Highlight Features

  • Sync easily over Wi-Fi with other music-making apps
  • Change tempo in real-time, even from another app
  • Sync with your other iOS devices or with Friends
  • Sync with Ableton Live
  • Blocs Waves browser lets you quickly add loops that work in-time and in-key
  • It’s a free update

Combine professional sounds from a wide array of genres. Tweak sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, and even record your own vocals or instruments to help bring your ideas to life in minutes. With a real-time stretch loop concept at its heart, the app is designed to get you moving through new combinations quickly, in search of the perfect groove or musical idea. When you’re done, export each sound and then continue in your own favourite external music software.

Watch the Blocs Wave Link Video

About Blocs

The Blocs team grew out of Focusrite / Novation, where they were responsible for previous innovations such as the original Launchpad hardware and the Launchpad for iOS app. They are now based at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross, London. Learn more about us here:

Blocs Wave is a Novation Sub-brand.

Get Blocs Wave for iOS here


My thoughts

I make no secret of the fact my dreams exceed my current ability with regards to music production. I’d love to find the time to learn more than an academic understanding of building beats, and always have fun creating something when I get to sit down with someone far more skilled than I. Watching these promo videos only serves to rub it in further.

Even as an outsider, I’m excited about what Link will bring to production, but like any of these standards, there’s always the chance it’ll be ignored and dumped on the ‘forgotten’ pile. It’s looking like Ableton are putting their weight behind it, which is a good sign, and with clever little apps like this, you can glimpse the potential.

Your thoughts

Have you made use of Ableton Link yet? What apps can you recommend to others?

You can buy Blocs Wave on the App Store for £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

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