Friday (morbid) Fun: And Vinyly turns you into a record


Do you love vinyl so much that sometimes you wish you could be a record? Me either, but there’s a company out there that offers you the chance, when you’re dead. UK based And Vinyly offers a service that lets you have your cremated ashes pressed into up to 30 discs, all for the measly sum of £3,000. What better way to prove your passion?

If you really want to push the boat out (viking burial?) the company offers a full funeral service for £10,000. I wish this was a belated April Fool’s joke, but we actually delayed running the story so people didn’t think that. You even get to have a choice of music on the record, either supplied by you, or from their selection of audio and closed loop. It’s all a bit surreal.

WARNING: offensive Adobe Flash website, circa 2000 AD. I’ve taken the liberty of taking a screenshot of the product information page so you don’t have to visit the horrific site design.


My thoughts

When this popped up on my radar, it was so ridiculous that I’m actually tempted to do something like this. Having kids makes you think about the future, and as morbid as it is, what happens after you’re gone. But who wants to leave the usual boring old legacy? Apparently, viking funerals are illegal here in the UK (well there goes that plan — Ed), so that’s out of the question.

As for the price, I guess that funerals are like weddings, so costs will always be inflated. You do get to have music and 30 discs pressed, meaning it works out at £100 per disc, which is probably less than some collectors paid for limited edition Serato control vinyl. Still, 10 grand for a funeral is a bit crazy, seeing as how the average cost of a funeral is £3,700 these days.

Regardless, even if this is a silly joke that’s gotten out of hand, it’s not really hard to see how it could be a cool idea for someone who’s passionate about music to the grave. Well, this has been a downer! Right, time for some kittens to lighten the mood.

Your thoughts

Just how seriously do you take music? Do you fancy being in death how you lived in life?

If you ever wanted to become a vinyl record when you die, check out the And Vinyly website. Plan now, before it’s too late!