Bihari’s ahhh and fresh themed DIY picture disc

…eases back into the chair…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Platitudes about pointless gym memberships, why detoxing is nonsense, lapsed resolutions, and the etiquette surrounding when it’s no longer appropriate to wish people a happy new year. Now we’ve got that out of the way…

Breaking us gently into 2018 is a cool idea from portablist purveyors Bihari Designs. They’re already well known for Numark PT01 mods, and now they’ve extended the portablist DIY ethos to 7″ vinyl too.

The aptly named “The Ahhh Fresh “Print It Yourself” Picture Disc” is exactly how it sounds, and I’ll leave it Bihari to explain:

Create your own picture disc at home!

1. Print your design, use A4/Letter size glossy or matte photo paper. You can use any other already printed creative paper, magazine covers or posters too!

2. Cut the center hole on your design with a utility knife, scissors, or 7mm punch.
Place the design onto a turntable platter.

3. Remove the foil from the self-adhesive record and stick it onto your design.

4. Remove the unnecessary paper parts with scissors.

The skipless 7″ record contains the two common samples: Ahhh & Fresh.

You can grab the Photoshop template here.

Bihari self-adhesive Scratch record

It epitomises the mod culture of portablism perfectly. A single copy will set you back $18 plus shipping, but should you wish to rock different moods and styles, or you simply burn through those ahhhs and freshes in double quick time, you can buy in bulk too, snagging 10 copies for $120 plus shipping.

Having already pressed our own DJWORX pictures disks, I think I would print out a white label black 45 for maximum meta and irony.