Portablist? There’s an app for that

One common theme running amongst the portablist community is a strong “I can do that” ethic. From approaching simple mods all the way through to manufacturing comprehensive replacement parts, the scene’s attitude is one of being unfettered by limitations. And while most are working on the hardware side of things, Andreas Constantinides has attacked the software side and made Portablist for iOS and Android.

Basically, it’s a central hub for all things portablist related. It gives you links to assorted news feeds (including DJWORX), loopers, and shops that cater to the burgeoning scene.

So if you find yourself immersed in portablism every day, this app is the ideal way to have the very latest news and products right in your hand without having to trawl the internet to visit the usual suspects. Except DJWORX — you should always visit us and have us as your homepage. Always.

Portablist is available for iOS and Android, and is free.