Maschine is traditionally something that our core audience might have an interest in, but not in quite the same way as maybe a spinning haptic jogwheel controller. But the new Maschine Mikro MK3 definitely fits into out demographic as an add on controller, as well as an extremely cost-effective gateway into the world of producing that apparently you absolutely must be to be a DJ these days (hint — you really don’t).

It’s a long press release that details a number of new entry level NI releases. I’ve lifted the Maschine Mikro parts for clarity:

MASCHINE MIKRO is a flexible, compact beatmaking companion, now in its third generation. All-new bigger pads, based on those of the popular MASCHINE Mk3, make tapping out beats, playing melodies, and building up tracks a more fun and hands-on experience. The addition of a Smart Strip provides new ways of playing with MIKRO – by sliding fingers across the strip it’s possible to strum and bend sounds, and get creative with effects in real-time. 

MASCHINE MIKRO comes bundled with MASCHINE Factory Selection – 1.6 GB of sounds, kits, samples, effects, and instruments, designed to give musicians and producers everything they need to start making music. Also included are full versions of the popular NI synths MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM. The MASCHINE software can be used standalone, or with any DAW, meaning that MIKRO fits easily into any music-making workflow – all while costing significantly less than previous generations. 

The release of MIKRO also brings an all-new experience for getting started with MASCHINE. Whether making their first beat, or brushing up on the basics, NI’s comprehensive guides for getting started mean it has never been easier for musicians and producers to take the first steps on their MASCHINE journey.

Pricing and availability

MASCHINE MIKRO:A compact beat-making companion that quickly takes users from the creative spark to the finished beat.

Available September 18, 2018

249 USD, 249 EUR, 31800 JPY, 199 GBP, 379 AUD, 329 CAD, 1999 CYN.

Dan’s take

This is a bit of news that really works for me! Though it isn’t technically a Traktor product, it could be: the Maschine Mikro MK3 seems like a great laptop-based answer to the Pioneer DJ DJS-1000. If you’re already running Traktor, then installing Maschine with one of these and Ableton Link gives you loads of fairly lightweight potential, both literally and on laptop resources. Thinking about it, in the grand scheme of things, running Maschine as a drum sampler and step sequencer on a modern laptop will give minimal overhead, and offers so much extra functionality, with room to grow thanks to the recent addition of sample features.

Reading through the press kit about this, the complete lack of mention about DJing is loud, which surprises me. I get that NI might want to silo their products, but with something like this, there’s going to be crossover. Things are continuing to head in that direction, and this product seems ideal.

On the production side, there’s some features added to the controls, such as the touch strip for pitch bends, or the dedicated step sequencer button. There’s also a brand new set of instruction videos when you launch the software for the first time, with content tailored to your needs of the hardware. This is something that’s really been lacking in the user experience when it comes to audio software and hardware.

Basically, I’m looking forward to reviewing the Maschine Mikro MK3 when it comes in next week!






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