DJ Sara — now 16 and kicking your arse in a scratch battle

dj sara ruysei

DJ Sara and her brother Ryusei set the scratch world on fire in 2007 with skills beyond their years. And now at 16, DJ Sara’s skills just get better.

Rekordbox to evolve into full DJ software? Our take

rekordbox performance

Pioneer DJ just put out a teaser that shows rekordbox with Serato and Traktor like features. Is Pioneer DJ about to take on the big boys and go it alone?

KICKSTARTER: Livid Minim wireless controller

livid minim kickstarter

Livid’s controllers are getting ever smaller. And their new Kickstarter based Minim is the smallest so far. Wireless, 3D, RGB — it’s all in there.

GOLD! The Pioneer DJ HDJ-1500-N headphones

Pioneer DJ HDJ-1500-N Gold headphones (1)

It took some time, but the inevitable gold HDJ-1500-N headphones from Pioneer DJ are here. And Tony Hadley is here to serenade them.

Brace yourselves — Stems are coming [VIDEO]

more NI stems demo video

The open source Stems file format edges ever closer to release. And to tide you over, NI has released a teaser video of Stems files being mixed.

SURVEY: Help Subsafe make subs safe

subsafe launch

Subsafe is a ingenious idea that aims to save sub woofers from casual spillage. And you can help this startup by answering a one page survey. No excuses.

BPM 2015: Want to play a set at the show?

play @ bpm 2015 DJ

Want to play a 30 minute set at the great DJ show in the world? Apply within, because applications are invited for the Play @ BPM 2015 stage.

FACE-OFF: Chroma Caps vs Coolorcaps review

Chroma Caps vs Coolorcaps review (7)

It’s time for a good old fashioned ruck, as DJTT’s Chroma Caps go toe to toe with new cap on the block Coolorcaps. Mark titters while writing a knob review.

BPM 2015: Hercules steps up as headline sponsor

BPM 2015 Hercules

As a company, Hercules has always sat on the outer edges of the controller scene. But BPM 2015 sees them standing front and centre as the headline sponsor.

Do you care what your DJ gear looks like?

worst DJ desktop picture wallpaper

DJs are just human beings, and despite our protestations, we do care about how our gear looks out of the box. But are you prepared to do something about it?