FREEBIE FRIDAY: Win Vestax Battle DVDs from the Worxstash

Vestax Extravaganza DVDs scratch turtablism (1)

I’ve uncovered some gems while cleaning up. These Vestax Extravaganza DVDs hark back to a time before even skratchworx, and can be yours.

UK people — see me, famous people, and cool gear at DV247

dv247 keynote

Leading UK retailer DV247 is hosting an event showing next level production and DJ gear. And as well as famous worthy people, I’ll be there with stickers, chatting about why old is cool again.

UPDATE: Serato DJ 1.7.6 is Denon DS1 ready

serato dj 1.7.6 Denon DS1

Serato has rolled out a timely small update. Serato DJ 1.7.6 opens the door to Denon DJ’s long awaited DS1 audio interface.

DJ Woody’s polyphonic scratching

DJ Woody polyphonic scratching

DJ Woody likes to make turntables do more than they should. And in this video, he pulls off polyphonic scratching with just one deck. Scratch voodoo?

If DJing is a career, should we sit exams?

dj exams degree

A local DJ based social enterprise has reached out for help with a survey about DJ exams. But what do you think about getting formal DJ qualifications?

All the NI Stems info you could ever need

ni stems dummies book

As NI’s open source Stems technology edges oh so slowly towards release, an official Stems website has appeared that should satisfy all questions.

Atomix Power Room #5 — VirtualDJ 8 on the DDJ-SZ

Virtualdj 8 DJ bounce Miami

D-Rakkas has been on the road again for Atomix with VirtualDJ 8, this time getting DJ Bounce from the Scratch DJ Academy in Miami to do a set on a DDJ-SZ.

One year on — the state of streaming for DJs

streaming no need for IKEA Expedit shelves

A year ago, I had a look at streaming for DJs. And on the day of Taylor Swift’s guilting of Apple, I’m back revisiting the subject to see what has changed.

Something for the weekend: Kenny Dope 7″ vinyl set

kenny dope vinyl Pioneer

We’re wrapping up the week with a set that defines DJing — great music, put together with great skill. Kenny Dope nails a 7″ vinyl set on Pioneer PLXs.

BPM 2015 at Birmingham to host DMC UK final. No, not London

bpm 2015 dmc DJ uk final 2015

It’s not like BPM 2015 will be short of DJs, but now there will be even more thanks to the DMC UK final 2015 taking place on Sunday 13th September.