Intimidation Illuma Flare Tube – Pack 4 x Illumatubes

£149.00 including VAT

Pack of 4 x Illuma Tubes, 4 stand bases, 4 x 5 metre power cables, 1 carry back


Intimidation Illuma Tube

The Intimidation Illuma Tube offers an incredible lighting experience. This 1-meter LED color tube boasts 32 tri-color SMD 5050 LEDs (RGB), creating a rainbow colour effect to light up any room or dance floor. It’s perfectly suited for DJ Booths, clubs, pubs, restaurants, showcases, or home use. The Illuma Flare Tube includes a user-friendly IR remote, allowing you to choose static colours with variable strobe effects, an automatic mode with a stunning rainbow display, and an exhilarating sound-active mode. Setting up is a breeze, thanks to the included easy-fit feet, enabling you to position it vertically for the perfect placement.

This pack contains 4 x Illuma Tubes, 4 stand bases, 4 x 5 mtr power cables, 1 carry back

Intimidation Illuma Tube Details

  • 7 vibrant colours
  • Multiple modes with adjustable brightness, speed, music responsiveness, and more
  • Set timers for precise schedules
  • Easily group and simultaneously control multiple light tubes with the user-friendly app

Intimidation Illuma Specifications

  • Flare Tube consumes a mere 8W of power making it energy-efficient without sacrificing brightness.
  • Tube Diameter – With a sleek 50mm diameter, the Flare Tube not only looks impressive but also fits seamlessly into your setup.
  • Versatile Placement – Setting up the Flare Tube is a breeze, thanks to the included easy-fit feet, allowing you to stand it vertically for optimal placement
  • Dimensions
    • 220mm Width
    • 200mm Depth
    • 1002mm Height
  • Weighing only 0.3kg, it’s fantastically portable
  • Rechargeable with 10 hours use time on one charge

See the Intimidation Illuma Tube in action

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