DJ Zeke: Performance video nailed

DJ Zeke: Performance video nailed

We have policies — one is no full reviews of free software, and another is no posting of random performance videos unless specifically for a product release. Sometimes however, something comes our way that is just too good to ignore. And this video from DJ Zeke out of Australia is totally insane. Like utterly nuts and brilliant on so many levels.

From the video description:

Zeke performs an amazing scratch routine using the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 and just 1 turntable. Utilising features of the Z2 such as duplicate deck, cue point mapping, and tactile control of Traktor’s FX, Zeke is able to accomplish a great deal with only these 2 tools.

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Directed by Sam Price aka Naik

I’m so impressed by this video for so many reasons. Aside from being a really inspiring performance, the use of one deck is really clever, as is the use of assorted Z2 and Traktor features. But I also love the video production itself. Promos have a danger of all merging into one homogenous blob of virtual waveform blandness. But this video takes it a step further and improves on this idea to great effect.

I tip my cap to Kosmic, DJ Zeke and Sam Price for this video. You just showed the big boys how to do it.

DJ Zeke: Performance video nailed

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